“THE PERFECT ISLAND ESCAPE…”        A life-changing experience!

Atrium Hotel had the honour and pleasure to host once more the Skiathos Detoxification Retreat in May 8-13 2015, organized by the famous training team “Street Workout Athens”.

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RETREAT  PROGRAM: No matter what your level of physical condition is, you were able to participate in our wellness and fitness program and experience the joy of moving your body. We provided a safe and supportive environment for you to explore a variety of fitness activities every day. We offered extensive fitness modification with enough variety to keep you feeling challenged and inspired. We had the pleasure to experience a day filled with education, skill- building, practice and fun.

Indulged in fine Greek and Mediterranean cuisine….offered by the Atrium hotel

Additionally we all had the chance to explore and feel the energy of one of the most beautiful islands in Greece http://www.skiathos.gr/index.php?lang=en

For more info and photos, please follow the official Street workout Athens page in facebook … Street Workout Athens

To get an idea of Skiathos Retreat Detoxification “SESSIONS AND DEFINITIONS”, follow the link


or read below…

Hatha Yoga Flow

Hatha yoga exercises, sun salutations and breathing exercises, opening the chakras

Nutrition speeches

“How to detox our life with proper cooking”, “Choose food for cancer prevention”, “Less calories in cooking recepies”.

Aqua aerobic in the pool

Aqua workout in the water / exercises for upper body and stretching in the water.

Cross training

Power and full of energy workout for extended calories loss with bodyweight and light equipment.

Pilates and Stretching

Core exercises with alignment and correction of body’s asymmetries, focus, control and flow.

Energy Yoga

Sun Salutation and asanas, strengthening and energizing the body and mind.

Running 3-5 km by the sea

Cross training workout by the sea

Dynamic low and high interval workout on the sand and in the water, swimming and aqua exercises in the sea.

Stretching and relaxation

A full body stretching, realignment of the muscles and the fascia, rejuvenation of the body with energizing blood flow and relaxation with mindful techniques through breathing and deep stretches exercises.

Pilates-  Dynamic core training 

Lean muscles and a strong powerhouse with the exercises of Pilates.

Aqua Tabata

A very famous and powerful workout in the water, feeling the a whole body training with amazing results.

Street Workout Athens

It was so successfull, that even the greek media captured moments of the event!